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Research leads to dubious sites on the Internet, on which creation-free accounts are offered. Often the online accounts without Credit Bureau offers from abroad. When comparing current accounts without Credit Bureau, we clearly show the costs of the different banks. Top current account without Credit Bureau: First, open a checking account online and have your credit rating checked by Norisbank.

Current account without Credit Bureau

Current account without Credit Bureau

Without Credit Bureau to get a current bank account, is very difficult in the Federal Republic and is offered by hardly a bank. When comparing current accounts without Credit Bureau, we clearly present the expenses of the individual banks. 3 cash receipts, 2 cash advances, 18 cash advances, P-account, setup fee spread over 2 years.

It is assumed that the player account without Credit Bureau generates a turnover of at least 100 EUR or is used as a payroll account. All information without warranty. Decisive are only the information from the list of prices and services of the bank. Anyone looking for a current account without Credit Bureau, has certainly already encountered various providers in the network who pronounce one.

These are either bank accounts with banks in the neighboring country (these are not listed in our reconciliation), but to which no German entrepreneur transfers their income (social benefits are also transferred exclusively to German current accounts) or there are one or two private credit institutions in the country Federal Republic of Austria, which not only require a lot of money for the account management without Credit Bureau, but also for every single booking.

The current account accounts are managed as prepaid accounts.

The current account accounts are managed as prepaid accounts.

Also, giro and credit cards are only available on a credit basis. If your current account at Credit Bureau has been dissolved because of a negative Credit Bureau or private bankruptcy, you should follow our recommendations (see above) – there you will be gladly accepted despite your history and are in the best hands. Your bank account is dissolved at the Credit Bureau. Already in 1995, the Central Loan Committee (today “The German Banking Industry”) gave the banks and savers an opinion on the “current account for everyone”.

Accordingly, credit institutions should set up a credit-based current account for each consumer, regardless of profession or income. Even with over-indebtedness, Credit Bureau and Harz district. For example, banks have had a so-called “citizen’s account” for people on low incomes and negative Credit Bureau since the beginning of 2012. Due to regional differences, we were unable to include the bank in our “no-Credit Bureau” checking account.

The account management is based on credit (otherwise this is not possible with a current account without Credit Bureau). The account includes a giro card (formerly debit card) and is managed like an ordinary bank account. Most banks also have a prepaid credit card (Master Card) that you can transfer online from your current bank account.

Note: An account for all is not a P-account. However, the bank can convert it into one, thus cutting costs. In the juxtaposition “Current account without Credit Bureau” (see above) you can find out what conditions are possible. To prevent this, you should set up your user account in a P account.

In summary, the situation for people with Credit Bureau problems has improved significantly in recent years. At least with the check accounts. The fact that a current account without Credit Bureau is now to be opened to all has contributed to the network and new regulations by the police. However, there are still many suppliers who offer inflated prices.

Credit Card Immediate Decision

Apply permanently for a free credit card without annual fees and you are independent worldwide. This is possible with the Germany Credit Card Classic. A special feature of the Black Credit Card is the quick check and decision at the time of application. Immediately afterward, you will be told if you receive the VISA credit card and what credit limit is available to you. VISA credit card without annual fee; Installment payment or full payment possible; no new checking account required; simple request with immediate decision.

Free credit card by credit card comparison

Free credit card by credit card comparison

Also recommended are the four types of credit cards: charge card, revolving card, debit card and prepaid card. Are you looking for a free credit card with no annual fee? In credit card comparison, we have created a list of all credit card providers. The individual cards are subdivided according to characteristics such as credit card type, duration of the interest-free credit line, debit and credit interest, discount, insurance and special features.

More information can be found here to find the right map. For example, there are differences in the interest rates when using the credit line, the cost of using the credit card in the country (foreign fees) and whether the free cards are with or without current account. The best free maps with no annual fee according to type & usage: All maps presented here are in principle without surcharge.

Frequently Asked Questions – Free Credit Cards: You can not get around on our credit card comparison. At this time, however, should be a little more detailed hints to choose the appropriate cards. There are four different credit card types for individual credit needs. But if you want a free prepaid credit card, you will find it in the comprehensive and clear prepaid credit card comparison.

Why a credit card?

Why a credit card?

Paying with plastic money is easy, comfortable and flexible. One of the biggest plus points is the up to 35 million acceptance points around the world, where you can pay in cash at many providers and wait for discounts through cash back or bonus programs. The credit card comparison gives you all the information on the individual benefits in the right column of the table.

There are also services on the net that only require a credit card, such as booking air travel. Also when ordering via the web, there are advantages. For example, some cards offer free Internet delivery protection, which ensures that the goods arrive undamaged at the recipient. A good price-performance ratio when comparing credit cards is also useful, because currently everything indicates that the payment with credit card and without plastic progressively progresses.

For example, paying by credit card in the network is much cheaper, since the fees for the payment method should be eliminated. In the past, paying by credit card was often the worst option, but now there is no reason to prefer, for example, a credit card transfer. In terms of data security, the credit card has now caught up with other payment methods.

For example, there is currently a bill providing for the introduction of additional security barriers when paying by credit card. Credit card free? The credit card is often free today, as borrowers are one of the best sources of income for credit institutions due to their low interest rates. Nevertheless, some banks want to make more and Credit Card Free is just a hollow word.

In contrast, the visa card of the company Wa isenrot has an annual turnover of 2000 USD, which must be achieved if the credit card is to be free of charge. Some credit cards are only charged for cash withdrawals in other European countries, eg for audio and VW cards outside Europe. What is the credit limit?

The credit lines are different for different providers. You can withdraw money with the Indigo credit card for up to seven calendar weeks and then pay 19.9% ​​interest; for example, with the ING-DiBa debit credit card, you can not use a credit limit at all as it will be unloaded from your current account. Use our comparison! All the points listed in our comparison are considered and clearly presented.

How do we judge free cards? In contrast, although each credit card is free of charge, we endeavor to include the other terms in our rating and credit card comparison. We focus on a few key questions: Is the credit card free? Does the cash withdrawal cost at home and abroad? No.

To what extent is the credit limit high? Are credit card rewards or a bonus program available? Is there an insurance policy with the credit card?

Serious loans for unemployed without pre-employment costs – instant loan online

However, many studies have shown that many of the credit offers are not reputable if they are based on one of the following terms: credit without Credit Bureau; Credit without creation; Credit without advance charge; Credit for the unemployed; Credit without credit check. In the following guide we show how unemployed people can get a loan and what to look for when looking for a reputable provider. The fees for the loan are not to be paid in advance for these offers, but as part of the general monthly repayment. As a specialized credit broker with many years of experience, we always work without any pre-charge and processing fees.

Loans for the unemployed

Loans for the unemployed

Please check the possibilities before you conclude a loan agreement. The employment office is required to grant you a scholarship. If there is no way out of unemployment benefits, you should keep the loan amount as low as possible. This reduces the financial requirements for repayment of the loan.

To increase credit opportunities, you should provide as many securities as you can. In the best case, it is a guarantor who has taken over the guarantee with your own income for your credit. If you are unemployed and want to apply for a loan, you have to calculate with some problems. With a fixed salary it is easy to get a loan.

However, they belong as unemployed to a risk group for credit institutions, so the chance of receiving a loan application is significantly reduced – there are few serious opportunities. Loans for the unemployed – what is behind it? Whether for the removal, the dream drive or the vehicle purchase, only small loan sums are quickly and easily applied for and after a few days on the account.

If you have a regular salary, you will usually have no difficulty getting a loan. For the unemployed, who can hardly afford to buy different consumer goods, the situation is completely different. Here a loan is often urgent, but difficult for people without a fixed salary.

The prospects of obtaining a loan are low at reputable institutions, as the unemployed have a higher credit risk for the banks. However, you can reduce this security risk by offering certain securities to the house bank, such as a competitor or a co-governor. It is also possible to apply for a scholarship from the Employment Agency. For most lenders, income is a fixed hedge and the basis for lending.

Unemployed people receive unemployment benefits 1 or 2, but the National Bank does not regard this as income. Therefore, you usually get only one loan application despite the lack of work from dubious providers. Be careful with dubious suggestions that promise you instant credit. If the loan broker receives a commission or demands the conclusion of a life insurance policy or a home savings contract, this is certainly a dubious undertaking.

Lending to the unemployed are rarely granted by normal credit institutions in the Federal Republic. Rather, there are various service providers who are on such loans. The unemployed have a much greater chance of getting the capital they are looking for. or credit intermediaries. Unemployed people therefore have a good chance of applying for a loan here. Credit agencies seek a lender who also spends loans to the unemployed.

Even if the loan offers seem seductive at first glance, you should definitely consider whether the loan is really needed, for example, if existing claims need to be reduced rapidly. Because without fixed income it will be more than hard to have serious offers for loans. Especially with loans without Credit Bureau information and guarantors you should be careful, as higher interest rates and other obligations arise here.

As a rule, there are special conditions for applying for a loan. Employees with regular wages can reassure the house bank that the loan can be repaid. This is made more difficult for pensioners, fixed-term contracts or if the applicant is still on trial. If you want to take out a loan, you should have a good credit rating, ie no negative Credit Bureau entries.

If, for example, another payment term for earlier or current credit agreements is assessed more negatively, this can lead to a cancellation. Because the unemployed, above all, can not comply with the first aspect, the house bank lacks security as the basis for the loan. In order to obtain a loan without regular consideration, other securities must be submitted that can significantly increase the chances of obtaining a loan.

Because unemployment benefits and hardware IV can barely guarantee the unlimited payment of monthly installments, most banks will only agree to a loan application if a competitor or guarantor appears. The guarantee is a guarantee contract between a guarantor and a third party bank.

The guarantor assumes the contractual responsibility for the obligations and thus secures the claims of the principal bank against the debtor. Because a guarantor is required only if the creditworthiness of the debtor is insufficient, there is a great chance that the guarantor will occur. The competitor has a lending interest of his own and is included in the contract as an equivalent contractual partner.

He can therefore also decide on the distribution and use of the loan. Unlike a guarantor, the competitor is not only liable for the loan debt, if the borrower can not pay anymore, but can be used immediately by the house bank. A competitor will only be accepted by the house bank if he provides his own money as collateral.

The credit institution can be convinced of the loan application by additional security. In addition to a guarantor or competitor, existing securities such as a vehicle or a property or the assignment of claims may also be mentioned. As a rule, banks are only interested in such securities if they have a higher fee than the seizure threshold.

Loan transaction

Loan transaction

You can close the loan transaction either with your insurance carrier or with a bank.

A bond without specifying the “Credit Bureau” is initially a bond that is granted without checking the Credit Bureau entries. As a rule, this is an offer from the Swiss Confederation, since such a debt information procedure is not required there. This makes it more difficult for the unemployed to apply for a loan even in this case.

Although foreign banks are more generous in collateral valuation, they are willing to pay high interest rates for it. Before awarding a loan as an unemployed person, you should be aware that another economic burden in your situation will lead to further difficulties. Therefore, think very carefully about how important the loan is.

If there is no other option but to take out a mortgage loan, you should keep the loan amount as low as possible. If you are in dire straits, you should also make an earmarked loan application to the Employment Agency. To increase your credit chances, you should also seek a liquid guarantor.

The same applies to a competitor who has to pay the leasing installments in case of late payment. The difference between income and cost of living is the amount you earn to pay the installment. Comparison of different loan offers based on the desired loan amount, the conditions and the amount of the monthly rate for the calculation.

If you find a suitable provider, you can submit your application directly on the Internet. There are several options for the classic unemployment loan business that make sense in individual cases. Please check in advance which form is best for you. It is possible to apply for a scholarship from the Employment Agency under certain conditions.

The disadvantage, however, is that not everyone receives this money. The basic requirement is that you have unemployment benefits 1. As a recipient of the unemployment benefit 2, you can also claim a scholarship, but that is the responsibility of the ArbG. The decision whether to receive a document lies with the administrator. The employment agency is in principle very reluctant to lend.

For example, if you need a vehicle for a new job, the job center can hire you to buy a car. The employment office is required to assist you in the greatest need, if you prove it. The loan is designed to help you get out of this situation.

The loan amounts are usually quite small and vary between 150 and 400 USD; when buying a car, they can be higher. A move is always associated with considerable financial burdens and without revenue, it is hardly possible to cover the incurred deposit costs for the new property.

Instead of the deposit, the landlord gets a guarantee certificate, for which the tenant pays an annual fee. This option is also available to unemployed persons, provided that you have no negative Credit Bureau entries. Before applying for a loan, you should borrow the loan from your family and friends, ie from a private individual.

On the one hand you do not get a Credit Bureau entry, on the other hand there are no or only a few interest payments. If you have a creditworthy competitor, you can also apply for the loan yourself. You get the necessary capital from him and you do not have the bad credit of an unemployment loan.

If you find a job, the loan can be transferred to you. What do I have to pay attention to when applying for a loan as an unemployed person? Anyone applying for a loan as an unemployed person should be aware that another economic burden will not have a positive effect on their situation. In addition, unemployment loans are granted only on unfavorable terms to protect lenders from the increased credit risk.

Unreliable offers are no exception, make sure that the loan does not require the purchase of a life insurance policy or home savings contract. When does an unemployment benefit pay off for me? Unemployment funding should only be considered if the economic situation changes in the foreseeable future due to a job.

Otherwise, the partial payment can become an economic burden, which the borrower can hardly bear. In addition, the loan should only be used if it is really necessary, eg to repay old debts. How can I find out about an unemployment loan? You can inform yourself on the net and also contact the lenders (banks or private providers).

A credit broker can also help you in choosing a loan. If you have unemployment benefits from the Employment Agency, you must contact your manager. In that case, you must address him. An unemployment benefit is hardly possible without a promissory note loan, since here the proof of a very high creditworthiness must be furnished. Swiss and Liechtenstein credit institutions often refrain from checking Credit Bureau entries because the bank is a German-speaking institution and is more generous in collateral valuation.

For the credit institutions, the loans are therefore much riskier, so that the interest rates rise.


Civil servant loans with negative Credit Bureau – over 20 banks in comparison

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau should not cause any problems. Banks are welcome customers at a bank. Do you have a secure and stable employment relationship?

For civil servants, a good credit rating is generally required. Nevertheless, it can happen that officials have a burdened Credit Bureau. But what about the lending?

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau – the official credit

Even though civil servants generally have a good credit rating, it is possible that the official also has a negative entry in his Credit Bureau. The credit check with an official is the same as with other borrowers too.

Since the income is checked, queried the Credit Bureau and checked the employment. When it comes to a smaller entry, the bank often turns a blind eye, as the official has a secure income and a secure job.

But it can be another reason why a Credit Bureau free loan is sought. The advantage of the non-Credit Bureau credit is not only that the Credit Bureau is not queried, the credit does not appear in the Credit Bureau.

If the official now plans a major financial project and wants to maintain his good credit rating, he chooses a civil servant loan with negative Credit Bureau, and the bank does not learn anything about the credit.

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau – how can a negative entry arise

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau - how can a negative entry arise

For civil servants with the state as employer, a loan request is not a big deal. The civil servant status grants a loan almost by itself. The income arrives punctually every month and the state pays. In addition, the job of the official is safe and guarantees a secure income for a lifetime. Even beyond working life, the positive status remains. But even an official can get into a credit crunch.

Often it is a forgotten bill, a reminder that was not considered. Customers of many mail order companies are literally thrown with offers, with long payment pauses and very convenient loan offers. But if you fall behind with the rates, you quickly get an entry in the Credit Bureau.

No consideration is given to the civil servant status. The entry then remains visible in the Credit Bureau for three years, which makes a civil service loan with negative Credit Bureau extremely difficult.

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau – the loan search

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau - the loan search

With a negative entry, officials often do not receive regular credit. Here then offer so-called credit agencies. However, it should be noted that a reputable credit intermediary is commissioned. In no case should pre-paid costs be paid. Also, insurance contracts, such as Bauspar contracts, are not serious business practices.

In general, credit agencies receive a commission on successful loan search and successful completion of a loan, which usually pays the lender. The commission is then calculated into the credit costs, the customer does not need to make an extra payment. An intermediary will first try to find a loan from a German bank through their diverse contacts.

Due to the civil servant status and if it is a slight negative entry, it is quite possible to find a regular lender. If this does not happen, a foreign bank is an option.

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau – the credit from abroad

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau - the credit from abroad

The bank is headquartered in Liechtenstein and has preferred customers employees and civil servants. People who have a secure and stable job from which the adequate income comes. In a nutshell, the bank prefers clients who can afford a loan. Those who are unemployed or receive social benefits, but also the self-employed, will not receive this loan.

In addition to the secure employment relationship, the bank also requires an income that not every person seeking a loan can pay. So there are officials who are not employed in the higher service but are in the lower official ratio.

Think of the postman here. These people have a rather low income. To get a 3500 dollars loan, a single person net has to earn 1150 dollars. If only one person lives in the household, it is already 1600 dollars net.

At the maximum loan amount of 7500 dollars, the minimum income for a single person is 1800 dollars net. Just because the income is set high, the 3500 USD loan, so the smallest, the most approved loan is Credit Bureaufrei.

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau – the credit procedure

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau - the credit procedure

If the official has found a credit intermediary of his choice, he can apply for a loan. The mediation will take the preliminary examination. This means, based on the data entered in the form provided, the mediation will issue a preliminary loan commitment.

Thereafter, customers will be asked to submit the credit records. These are salary slips of the last three months and bank statements from the same period. Often, a small household bill is also often seen. The documents should be carefully compiled because additional claims delay the credit process. With these documents, the official goes to the post office and carries out the Postident procedure there. This is nothing but an identity check of his person.

Once the bank receives the documents, these will be reviewed and, if necessary, the final loan decision will be taken. The whole process lasts, if there are no additional claims, about 7-8 working days until the money is in the account.


Even officials with a good reputation can come into the situation of a negative Credit Bureau. Since a forgotten bill from the mail order company is enough. Some banks, because of their special civil servant status, turn a blind eye to a loan, but often demand collateral.

Officials should know that the limited loan amount of 7500 dollars can often be increased. But that would have to know the credit brokerage. If the Credit Bureau entry carries the completion note, there should also be no problems with a Civil Service loan with negative Credit Bureau.

Because a negative Credit Bureau entry does not always have to mean the complete financial end, for example, for a credit card termination or a loan repatriation.


Official loan provider

There are several providers that specialize in civil service loan providers. There are providers that offer a very long term. Other providers, in turn, offer credit-based loans where there are interesting entry-level rates.

Civil Service Loan Providers can be compared with a credit comparison offering, for example, Smava clearly arranged.

Civil Service Loan Providers – Find Best Deals With The Loan Calculator

Civil Service Loan Providers - Find Best Deals With The Loan Calculator

Even civil servants, like all other professions, sometimes need financial resources that can not come from accumulated reserves. The solution is a civil servant loan.

Civil servants and civil servants are the ones who provide the best conditions for a loan. The reason is to look for a secure and non-terminable job. If officials then use a loan calculator, a civil servant loan provider can be found quickly and without obligation. A credit request can then be made directly through the provider’s website.

With this, no credit is created, but the official receives a tailor-made loan offer. Public servants may have the best credit conditions because of their employment. This has a positive effect on the interest rate and the grant in general.

When banks lend a loan to an employee, not only income is checked, but also the risk of losing work. Civil servants are therefore the most attractive customers the banks wish for.

Civil servants vendors – the difference civil service loan and civil servant loans

A civil service loan and a public sector loan should not be confused. So, a civil servant loan is a loan that can be combined with a life insurance.

The official pays the premiums directly to the insurance company, the interest due is deducted, so to speak, as installments every month. The high final installment at the end of the term is then paid with the life insurance due.

The official loan, however, is a normal installment loan, which scores with better conditions. This is not the combination of credit and life insurance.

Official loan provider – who gets the civil service loan?

Official loan provider - who gets the civil service loan?

Civil servants and public employees include, for example, police officers, professors, teachers, mayors, prosecutors, judges and many more. But other professions can get the cheap installment loan.

Thus, in banks, employees in very secure employment relationships such as a health insurance or German pension insurance, airlines, Deutsche Bahn, broadcasters, municipal utilities receive the favorable official loan.

However, the regulations which occupational group receive this loan vary from provider to provider. In any case, it pays to ask the bank if you belong to the professional group.

Civil service loan provider – the cheap credit thanks to non-cancellability

Civil servants have not only advantages in insurance, their non-terminable professional status will also be positive for the civil service loan.

Banks do not only determine the borrowing rate for civil servants based on the Credit Bureau score, but also the professional status is taken into account when calculating the conditions. This status also takes into account the likelihood of losing a job. Banks like to see officials as customers because they have a non-terminable job.

Civil servant providers – find the optimal loan

A loan calculator helps to find the cheapest and best deal among the many official loan providers. He is easy to use.

You simply enter the loan amount and the term. This gives officials an overview of the possible conditions. How a provider now assesses the personal credit rating, the official learns only when a non-binding loan request has made.

The more complete the information given in a credit inquiry, the more accurate the provider can determine the credit rating.

Since officials can enter their status to benefit from the favorable conditions also. The loan request is automatic, the personal loan offer is usually transmitted after a few minutes.

Official loan provider – what can a civil service loan be used for?

Official loan provider - what can a civil service loan be used for?

Many civil service loans are given away without purpose. However, there may be some benefits to using the intended use.

For example, better conditions are provided for naming additional collateral, such as submitting a vehicle registration document. The civil servant or civil servant should therefore enter the purpose in the loan calculator when buying a car.

An official loan provider can also specialize in a renovation or modernization of a property. Again, the purpose should be entered into the loan calculator, so as to increase the selection.

If the intended use is “rescheduling”, then the bank knows that no additional loan will be taken. This can have a positive effect on the credit rating and thus also on the conditions.

The official loan with life insurance

The official loan with life insurance

Civil servant loans listed for example at Smava are almost all installment loans. But there are also providers that offer civil servants a combination of a loan and a life insurance. This loan is called a civil servant’s loan and not a civil servant’s loan.

The official loan is treated as a term loan. This means that during the repayment period only interest will be repaid and no repayment. However, at the end of the term, the full amount is paid at once. Therefore, a life insurance policy is taken out at the same time as the civil service loan.

But it can also be a pension insurance. If the life insurance is due at the end of the term of the loan, this is repaid with the life insurance. Anyone who looks at a comparison between the civil service loan and the official loan should not only pay attention to the effective interest rate.

This interest rate includes all costs, as well as the contributions for the life insurance, but not the repayment. As a result, it may be that a civil servant’s loan seems cheap. Therefore, officials should pay attention to the monthly rate, because this is more meaningful.


The official has a special status with the banks. Due to its non-cancellability, a loan is secured. That’s why civil servants get the best credit conditions. Nevertheless, the official loan providers should be compared with each other.

Not only the term can be chosen longer, the loan amount is higher. So loan amounts can be taken up to 250,000 dollars and more with a term of 20 years.

Swiss loans without Credit Bureau – instant loan online

Your house bank does not want to grant you a loan. If you have problems with the German Credit Bureau, you can now avoid all these problems with the Swiss loan without Credit Bureau. Loans from Switzerland are available to anyone with an income. In the past, most loans came from Switzerland without Credit Bureau participation, which is why the term “Swiss credit” has become established over time. The term “Swiss credit” has survived, but now the Swiss credit comes not from Switzerland, but from Liechtenstein.

Swiss Loan: Loan entirely without Credit Bureau from Switzerland

Swiss Loan: Loan entirely without Credit Bureau from Switzerland

The Swiss loans give borrowers in Germany the opportunity to obtain a loan without having to query the Credit Bureau or make a Credit Bureau entry. However, before signing a contract to draw on a Swiss loan, a borrower should carry out a detailed loan comparison and, in particular, carefully read the paragraphs and provisions in the small print.

Experience shows that not all banks, investors and lenders are competent and trustworthy. With the Swiss credits, there are certainly the black lambs, and it is better to stay away from them! “Credit without Credit Bureau”, “Credit even with low credit rating”, “Express credit with immediate confirmation and no proof of income” – these and similar buzz words are still used today by many lenders to attract new debtors.

It must be decided whether all lenders here are decent. In principle, however, it is quite possible to obtain a Swiss loan or a loan without Credit Bureau on reasonable terms, provided that the borrowers look wisely and make the appropriate offers. A Swiss loan is, as the title implies, a loan approved and disbursed by a Swiss bank or Swiss lender.

It applies Swiss law.

It applies Swiss law.

A Swiss loan is in many cases a conventional installment loan or consumer loan. A big advantage of the Swiss loan is that test procedures are used that are not based on the request of the Credit Bureau entry. In addition, no Credit Bureau entry is initiated. The exact checking procedures vary from lender to lender.

Swiss loans are particularly suitable if there are not enough funds to pay for one or more banknotes. Those who are affected by a negative entry of the Credit Bureau, then are mostly looking for a Swiss loan or a loan without Credit Bureau almost.

If you have it very fast, you can also look for urgent loans, instant loans, or flash loans when comparing different offers from around the world. But not only in the Federal Republic offers a bank, a bank or a lender Lite Lender with immediate confirmation and immediate transfer in 24 to 48h.

Crucial to rapid processing and approval, however, is that all the evidence required for the credit check procedure is transmitted quickly and, above all, completely. Swiss credit also for the unemployed, pensioners, freelancers and Hartz-4-receivers? Anyone who quickly applies for a Swiss loan application without Credit Bureau, but also without proof of income, also has certain opportunities to grant a loan application.

However, it is up to the borrower to hedge the lender against default and excessive risk. When repaying the loan, care must be taken to ensure that a lender says “yes” and also includes unemployed persons, Hartz 4 recipients, pensioners, self-employed or low-paid freelancers for a Swiss loan.

Borrowers of all colors who submit a loan application without Credit Bureau should definitely read their options in Swiss credit. This is because Swiss loans do not consult Credit Bureau and are based on other specific Swiss test methods. Important for Swiss loans is also that no Credit Bureau entry is made – which is certainly desirable for many potential borrowers.


Looking for a loan from private in Frankfurt?

Find private financiers in Frankfurt

  • Reputable provider of loans from private in Frankfurt.
  • The request is free and non-binding for all private credit intermediaries.
  • Our TOP 3 test winner for private loans with immediate payment.
  • Lend money privately in 24 hours

Personal loan received immediately in Frankfurt – Cheap lending despite Credit Bureau

Many of us will know it. The monthly income is just enough to cover daily life. Once the washing machine or dishwasher is used or an expensive car repair is necessary, the financial shortage is quickly born.

While in the past the only option was the way to the bank, in the meantime there are different possibilities. Private loans are becoming more and more popular. But why should you, as a potential borrower, opt for a personal loan rather than one from your bank or even a loan shark?

Loans from private individuals in Frankfurt are not tied to specific purpose

Loans from private individuals in Frankfurt are not tied to specific purpose

While a loan from a bank usually has certain restrictions such as the financing of a house, a car or the like, the credit of private individuals is usually not bound to specific purposes. For example, you can purchase a new washing machine from your personal loan as well as finance your daughter’s braces in parallel.

It should also be noted that in most cases, credit with a bank requires certain collateral, such as cars, houses, securities, etc., in order to obtain approval for your loan application. In the case of a personal loan, however, this is not required. Although you are free to offer certain collateral as a potential borrower to facilitate the acceptance or to get the desired loan amount faster, but even without collateral there is the possibility to obtain a loan from private.

Private money lending in Frankfurt from Best Bank and Lite Lender

Private money lending in Frankfurt from Best Bank and Lite Lender

Accordingly, private loans are gaining in popularity, especially in recent times. As a result, new providers regularly emerge, acting as intermediaries between two private individuals to conclude a personal loan agreement.

However, by far the best known portals in this area are certainly Lite Lender and Best Bank. Since most lenders are found there as well, the chances of getting a successful loan are the highest on these two portals. The differences between Best Bank and Lite Lender are relatively manageable.

Both companies have been active in the market since 2007 and provide additional security on both sides due to their long existence. However, a significant difference then shows up in terms of the loan amount. While this is limited to a maximum of 20,000 USD at Lite Lender, Best Bank allows private individuals loan requests up to an amount of 75,000 USD. In addition, unlike Lite Lender at Best Bank is also the opportunity to complete the entire process in the form of a quick loan, so that the money ideally comes in only 1-2 business days in your account.

Private lenders in Frankfurt

Private lenders in Frankfurt

You may also have wondered how you can apply for a loan from one of these portals. In general, here is a significant difference to the loan application at a bank apparent.

While you usually fill out a form with various questions about your income / expenses and collateral at the bank, you have much more leeway on private loan portals.

Apply for credit privately in Frankfurt today

Apply for credit privately in Frankfurt today

After logging in to one of the portals, you can start immediately to start your loan application. In doing so, you can formulate in individual and individual words how your financial bottleneck came about and what exactly you would need for this loan. Experience has shown that a detailed and detailed description significantly increases the chances of a positive credit conclusion.
Before submitting your loan application, it is up to you to decide for yourself how long you would like to have granted the loan and what maximum interest rate would be acceptable to you. After submitting it is now waiting and hope that on the side of the potential lender finds someone who agrees with your offer and provides you the required money accordingly.

Proof of identity after full financing for private money lending in Frankfurt

Once the full loan amount is funded by individuals, you’re back on the train. Your next task is now to take care of the necessary documents, etc. and send them to the respective provider accordingly. This will then check your documents and will ideally after a few days, the okay for the payment of your personal loan.

With the disbursement of the personal loan in Frankfurt, there is also an exactly planned repayment plan for you, so that you always have an exact overview of when you have to pay which installments.

Conclusion: personal loan in 24 hours as a viable alternative in Fankfurt

For example, if you can use your loan for multiple purposes or you can not provide adequate collateral, personal loan is certainly a viable alternative to traditional bank credit. The biggest advantage is certainly that you have a free hand in the description and unlike a bank loan can also freely determine which interest rates would be acceptable for your loan.


How Should you Prepare to Apply for an SME Loan?

If you are determined to improve your business and have made the decision to help you with financing. A good tip to apply for an SME loan is to be prepared. Well before, you should know what they ask and how the whole process works so that you use time effectively and on your behalf.

Commonly financial institutions share very basic and important requirements with respect to a business. These are not only to verify that there is a valid registration before the law but also to evaluate how viable it can be to grant you money. That is to say, although the final decision of the offer made by the institutions depends in a certain way on your compliance with each one of them. In the end also the capacity of payment that your business generates and the level of debt that you have up to this moment are decisive.

# 1 To fill out an application

# 1 To fill out an application

Every institution that offers loans, be it a traditional bank or an online financial one, asks you to fill out an application in which you must share basic information such as your name, your SME’s and the reason why you are requesting the loan. Here it is good to mention that depending on the institution and the way they handle their services, this last requirement is taken into account in a different way. For some institutions it is only information without influencing the final decision, but for others, “what are you requesting the loan for” is a determining factor.

For example, some banks request the business plan of your SME to analyze the feasibility of borrowing money, but in addition to this they also request another plan in which details in detail and how you will use the amount that will be lent . This gives an indication that depending on whether the project will generate a beneficial change to your business, in terms of money, they will answer yes. Here, our recommendation is that you investigate more thoroughly if this is a requirement requested by the institution you wish to ask for, so that you can assemble those documents with time and conscience.

# 2 To present documents that validate your business and your identity

# 2 To present documents that validate your business and your identity

In addition to giving basic information such as your name, your business and your location to request an SME loan, you must provide records that support this information. As they are proofs of address, official identification and the RFC (Federal Register of Taxpayers) with which you issue invoices in your SME. The latter is to verify that you meet your obligations before the Tax Administration System and that there is also a legal record of your business before the Government.

If you still do not have an RFC and you are not registered with the SAT, we recommend that you think about formalizing your small or medium business. Any institution that offers loans and is reliable requires this to be able to validate that their transactions follow the legal statutes established by the country. In addition to not only provide you with the benefit of obtaining financing but you open up the opportunities to get larger clients, managing to boost your business towards a promising future.

# 3 To provide documents on the financial status of your business

# 3 To provide documents on the financial status of your business

Another requirement that banks or financial institutions have in common is that they present documents that support the financial status of your SME. For example, a traditional bank will ask for at least the last 12 statements of account, all your annual and partial returns and your credit bureau. A financial online will probably only ask for your password from the SAT to see the level of billing that your business has and will review your credit bureau, in order to make the process faster and easier.

As you can tell, you need to know how much your income business generates and how much your level of debt and expenses is. Well, that gives a real idea of ​​the viability of borrowing money and being able to pay it. For example, your billing shows as the flow of money in your company, while the credit bureau shows your behavior with other loans and the debts you still have. Remember that it is not bad to belong to the bureau but to have a bad history; which you can improve by creating a payment plan to liquidate past due balances and manage to pay on time.

How is the proccess?

How is the proccess?

The process between each bank and financial institution also varies, and although it is simple, time is important. Well after applying for your credit, the time of analysis of all the information to arrive at a final offer is different. While with traditional banking you can get an answer until after 15 days a fintech gives it to you immediately. As you see, it is important to take into account when you need the money and to whom you ask.

After you have a final offer and decide to accept it, follow the legal formality. That is nothing more than signing the contract in which the amount, interest and time to settle is established. And once you sign it, it only remains to continue with your project and give the correct use to your financing.

Now that you know how to prepare for an SME loan, you can go ahead to get everything they ask and in the end the process is efficient and agile. As a last recommendation, we can tell you to investigate more thoroughly all the institutions that can offer financing, so that you can choose the best option for both your ability to pay and your business.


Liquidate Debts and Invest at the Same Time

We know that most of the time the financial situation is the reason why a business can go wrong, because not all of us have very good skills on this subject, in addition to the fact that entrepreneurship is full of many challenges. And although recovering your business is not an easy or immediate process, you can really achieve it by obtaining a loan that gives you the possibility to settle your debts and still be able to invest to generate better results that will help your business to stand. .

Well today besides the credits that are specifically for small or medium-sized companies, there is the opportunity for financial institutions to offer you the refinancing of your business correctly and help you liquidate the past due balances that you have. That is to say, if you have obtained money from personal credits so that your business works you can settle them thanks to this new financial product that has been created.

How to settle debts?

How to settle debts?

The process of transferring your debts to business credit works in the following way:

First you are given an offer or amount based on what you need to settle and the billing generated by your business. This in order to really get the money you need to settle and another part so that you invest in recovering your business without putting your financial health more at risk. In addition you would also be releasing your lines of credit and worrying about a single debt that would be this new credit.

How and in what to invest?

How and in what to invest?

To start investing with the objective of recovering your business, it is important that you evaluate every aspect of your company in order to be even more clear about what is having problems in order to perform well and what is still working. From here, the strategies in which you can invest your new financing will start, knowing that it will be worth it and that they will practically be good results.

Next we will give you some strategies in which most of the owners of SMEs that have applied for a loan to improve their business (SME credit report) have invested and that may work perfectly for you:

# 1 Purchase inventory

Many times a good flow of money comes from the hand of always having what customers demand and the ease with which we cover those needs. Investing in having a bigger and better inventory will make a good diversification in what you can offer and above all that the clients will notice that. In other words, they will see your company as the best option to turn to and the most efficient. But if your guild is different from the commercial one, you can invest in your raw material inventory to be able to generate more volume and cover market demand. Without a doubt, this will present another possibility to attract new clients and recover your business.

# 2 Invest in machinery and equipment

# 2 Invest in machinery and equipment

Another good way to invest, ensuring a better performance in a company, is acquiring new machinery or equipment that will make your processes better. Well nowadays the importance of a business before consumers lies in quality and speed. For example, you may need to carry out projects that have a very short time delivery. If you get the necessary and correct tools you can fulfill so that the client has a very good experience and recommends you.

# 3 Open new sales channels

Opening new sales channels without a doubt is a strategy that will increase the income generated by your business. And this can not only help you financially but also the scope of your company. You can reach even more publics and attract new ones. Whether you decide to start by opening an online store, you really need a lower investment or open a new store, you will see that the results are immediate. We recommend that you evaluate the potential market that exists according to the industry to which you are dedicated and the strengths that you have before the competition.

How can you realize, recover your business is possible, you just need to assess where you are and where you want to evolve to make a decision. And if you are really determined to settle your debts and invest, in Konfío you can find the opportunity, because Koncentra has been designed precisely for this. We also recommend that you investigate thoroughly which institution is the best for you and your business in order to recover the stability of your finances.


Meet the Requirements to Apply for a Loan

Deciding to ask for a loan is the first step for your company to achieve momentum and growth. But many entrepreneurs or owners of SMEs fail to obtain it because they do not meet all the requirements to apply for a business loan.

70% of the entrepreneurs who participated in our SME Credit Report, mention that access to financing is very limited. However, part of this percentage does not meet all the requirements that most financial institutions request to evaluate if it is feasible to grant a loan.

That is why you need to be aware of what is required by financial institutions and know how to achieve each of the requirements to apply for the loan that will help your company to continue its course.

What do they apply for for a business loan?

Most financial institutions have certain very basic requirements, which you will realize that maybe you already have them.

General information

General information

One of them is that they will ask you for essential information about your company and you, in order to corroborate that you have the power to make legal decisions about the business. This indicates that you must provide both your official identification and the incorporation of your company and proof of address for both. Well, the more information there is about the legality of your business, the more likely it is that your application will be relevant.

Reports of the performance of your business

Reports of the performance of your business

Similarly, you must provide financial data such as income and expenses generated by your SME, because through these calculate the ability to pay you have. In order to determine how much is the maximum that can offer and that both this offer is viable for you and for those who are lending.

Consult your credit bureau

Consult your credit bureau

A consultation is also made to your credit bureau, since it is to be able to define the risk that exists when lending you money. Through this one you can observe the behavior with credits that you have obtained previously and the level of debt that you have generated up to this moment.

As you can tell, they are not so difficult to obtain. Although if you resort to some other institutions, such as traditional banking, there may be other additional requirements such as a guarantee.


Usually they tend to ask for a guarantee, be it a person who agrees to support your debt or a property that has enough value. Well, it’s like having a guarantee so that in the end the institutions can secure their capital. This establishes greater responsibility for those who apply for the loan and, above all, it may be one of the requirements that limit access to financing.

How can I meet each requirement?

Fulfilling the requirements to apply for a business loan is nothing special, and much less difficult, since it is very likely that you already have that information in hand, you must simply identify where to collect it.The identification they request to verify your identity can be your IFE or INE. While for proof of address may be some receipt of basic services you use, such as electricity, water, etc. The constitutive act of the business is obtained at the moment in which you register it in a legal way before a notary, your business activity, it is really the fact that your business is formalized.

Income and expenses

Income and expenses

These are delivered in a detailed manner, with all those expenses and income that although they seem minimal, are important to demonstrate the financial performance of your SME. You can go to your accountant so he can provide you with this information or do it yourself.

Credit bureau

Credit bureau

You must have a favorable credit bureau to increase the chances of your credit being approved. For institutions, you just have to sign the permit to have it reviewed. But if you do not have a credit history yet, it’s time to start creating it, you can start with a credit card or direct certain payments to your bank account.

Now that you know what are the requirements to apply for a business loan and that the processes are very different in each institution. It is recommended that you research and compare all the offers that exist in the market. As an additional tip, in Konfío we only request official identification, constitutive minutes and the invoicing of your business, with only those three data we can make you an offer immediately.