Liquidate Debts and Invest at the Same Time

We know that most of the time the financial situation is the reason why a business can go wrong, because not all of us have very good skills on this subject, in addition to the fact that entrepreneurship is full of many challenges. And although recovering your business is not an easy or immediate process,

Meet the Requirements to Apply for a Loan

Deciding to ask for a loan is the first step for your company to achieve momentum and growth. But many entrepreneurs or owners of SMEs fail to obtain it because they do not meet all the requirements to apply for a business loan. 70% of the entrepreneurs who participated in our SME Credit Report, mention

How to Apply for a Loan if I am a Moral Person?

If you registered your company as a Moral Person, this post is for you. A Moral Person is a group that unites with a determined purpose, be it a mercantile society or a civil association. At Konfío we have created a specific process for businesses registered as Moral Person. With this we transform the process

How to Identify Fraudulent Sredits

Before choosing credits for companies it is important that you be careful and choose calmly. Take your time, look for different options and make sure your company is in the best moment for financing. Below we share some tips that will help you make the best decision and avoid possible fraud. To avoid fraud, the