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Many of us will know it. The monthly income is just enough to cover daily life. Once the washing machine or dishwasher is used or an expensive car repair is necessary, the financial shortage is quickly born.

While in the past the only option was the way to the bank, in the meantime there are different possibilities. Private loans are becoming more and more popular. But why should you, as a potential borrower, opt for a personal loan rather than one from your bank or even a loan shark?

Loans from private individuals in Frankfurt are not tied to specific purpose

Loans from private individuals in Frankfurt are not tied to specific purpose

While a loan from a bank usually has certain restrictions such as the financing of a house, a car or the like, the credit of private individuals is usually not bound to specific purposes. For example, you can purchase a new washing machine from your personal loan as well as finance your daughter’s braces in parallel.

It should also be noted that in most cases, credit with a bank requires certain collateral, such as cars, houses, securities, etc., in order to obtain approval for your loan application. In the case of a personal loan, however, this is not required. Although you are free to offer certain collateral as a potential borrower to facilitate the acceptance or to get the desired loan amount faster, but even without collateral there is the possibility to obtain a loan from private.

Private money lending in Frankfurt from Best Bank and Lite Lender

Private money lending in Frankfurt from Best Bank and Lite Lender

Accordingly, private loans are gaining in popularity, especially in recent times. As a result, new providers regularly emerge, acting as intermediaries between two private individuals to conclude a personal loan agreement.

However, by far the best known portals in this area are certainly Lite Lender and Best Bank. Since most lenders are found there as well, the chances of getting a successful loan are the highest on these two portals. The differences between Best Bank and Lite Lender are relatively manageable.

Both companies have been active in the market since 2007 and provide additional security on both sides due to their long existence. However, a significant difference then shows up in terms of the loan amount. While this is limited to a maximum of 20,000 USD at Lite Lender, Best Bank allows private individuals loan requests up to an amount of 75,000 USD. In addition, unlike Lite Lender at Best Bank is also the opportunity to complete the entire process in the form of a quick loan, so that the money ideally comes in only 1-2 business days in your account.

Private lenders in Frankfurt

Private lenders in Frankfurt

You may also have wondered how you can apply for a loan from one of these portals. In general, here is a significant difference to the loan application at a bank apparent.

While you usually fill out a form with various questions about your income / expenses and collateral at the bank, you have much more leeway on private loan portals.

Apply for credit privately in Frankfurt today

Apply for credit privately in Frankfurt today

After logging in to one of the portals, you can start immediately to start your loan application. In doing so, you can formulate in individual and individual words how your financial bottleneck came about and what exactly you would need for this loan. Experience has shown that a detailed and detailed description significantly increases the chances of a positive credit conclusion.
Before submitting your loan application, it is up to you to decide for yourself how long you would like to have granted the loan and what maximum interest rate would be acceptable to you. After submitting it is now waiting and hope that on the side of the potential lender finds someone who agrees with your offer and provides you the required money accordingly.

Proof of identity after full financing for private money lending in Frankfurt

Once the full loan amount is funded by individuals, you’re back on the train. Your next task is now to take care of the necessary documents, etc. and send them to the respective provider accordingly. This will then check your documents and will ideally after a few days, the okay for the payment of your personal loan.

With the disbursement of the personal loan in Frankfurt, there is also an exactly planned repayment plan for you, so that you always have an exact overview of when you have to pay which installments.

Conclusion: personal loan in 24 hours as a viable alternative in Fankfurt

For example, if you can use your loan for multiple purposes or you can not provide adequate collateral, personal loan is certainly a viable alternative to traditional bank credit. The biggest advantage is certainly that you have a free hand in the description and unlike a bank loan can also freely determine which interest rates would be acceptable for your loan.

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