Non-bank loans market

Non-bank loans market

Until recently, on-line payday companies offered their clients fast loans of a certain amount for a maximum period of up to 30 days. However, a new one has recently been born, one must admit that a very interesting trend according to which more and more Gigabanks offer their clients the possibility of taking out a long-term loan and an installment loan without BIK. Some companies even began to meet the expectations of customers in such a way that they not only offer the first loan completely and 100% for free, but also give the possibility of repayment in two installments. For example, if we borrow PLN 1,000 for the first time, we pay PLN 500 after 30 days, and another 500 PLN after the next 30 days. This is a novelty on the market of quick loans. Of course, the requirement that we must meet to pay off the second installment of the loan after 60 days is the payment of the first installment in advance. If we do not do it, we will have to pay the full time and immediately. It is also an excellent solution for indebted people.

Loans offered by Gigabanks are also available on the market, which are more like traditional bank loans than on-line loans. We can repay them in a dozen or several dozen months. In addition, the parabank calculates exactly monthly installments for us. And what if we repay such a loan online? Depending on our lender, of course, but most often the interest for the remaining time is deducted from the total loan amount. The solution is therefore very beneficial. Without checking in the debtors’ databases, that is, a loan for indebted people can enlist each of us!

As it results from the above and what is clearly visible, Gigabanks thanks to their huge popularity and constantly growing demand for services and products from clients, expand their activity almost from month to month and offer us an increasing range of products and services without BIK and for indebted people. Many of them are also able to advise in the selection of the most advantageous product. However, one thing is unchanged – no parabank will ask us about the purpose for which we make a financial commitment, which is unheard of in the case of traditional bank loans. Also, the lack of formalities and the speed of granting financing, even in a few minutes, speak for a short while, not a traditional bank loan.

The fast loans market is growing dynamically, and we as consumers have more products to choose from. Also, the multiplicity of existing companies dealing professionally with providing payday loans and indebtedness loans makes the offers of individual companies very competitive and extremely beneficial.

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