If you registered your company as a Moral Person, this post is for you. A Moral Person is a group that unites with a determined purpose, be it a mercantile society or a civil association.

At Konfío we have created a specific process for businesses registered as Moral Person. With this we transform the process when requesting a credit for your company and reduce the time to give you a quick response. This process can take up to two months in traditional financial institutions and with us it is reduced to days.

Making a request for Moral Personnel is a little different from the process of Physical Person with Business Activity. When you start your application, you will be asked to choose one.

Here we explain some differences and steps that you should follow:

Business name

Business name

Unlike the request of a Physical Person with Business Activity, in the Moral Person request we will ask you the business name of your business. Remember that the name and brand are different, the first is the legal name of the application and the second is the name with which it is known commercially.

Shareholder information

Shareholder information

When making your request as a Moral Person it will be necessary that you enter the data of the shareholders. With 70% it will be enough to process the application, remember that everything is online and you will not have to visit a branch to deliver the information. We will ask you to answer three questions in order to check your personal credit bureau.

Credit Bureau of the company

Credit Bureau of the company

We will review the credit bureau of your business to offer you better conditions, such as lower interest rates and higher amounts. With this the contract will go out in the name of your company and you can generate credit history of your business. To consult the Credit Bureau of your business, the signature of the legal representative will be necessary.

The documentation that we will ask you is also different. When applying for a credit as a legal entity, you must have the following documentation at hand:

  • Proof of address for all shareholders
  • Constitutive Act
  • Tax identification card
  • Proof of business address
  • Bank account statement

The documentation is loaded directly on the platform so you do not have to waste time.

Once your credit is approved we will take your contract to be signed by the legal representative and the obligor in solidarity. After this your money will be deposited in any bank account in less than 12 hours.

Applying for a loan as a Moral Person is very simple. Start your application and boost the growth of your business.

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