Civil servant loans with negative Credit Bureau – over 20 banks in comparison

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau should not cause any problems. Banks are welcome customers at a bank. Do you have a secure and stable employment relationship?

For civil servants, a good credit rating is generally required. Nevertheless, it can happen that officials have a burdened Credit Bureau. But what about the lending?

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau – the official credit

Even though civil servants generally have a good credit rating, it is possible that the official also has a negative entry in his Credit Bureau. The credit check with an official is the same as with other borrowers too.

Since the income is checked, queried the Credit Bureau and checked the employment. When it comes to a smaller entry, the bank often turns a blind eye, as the official has a secure income and a secure job.

But it can be another reason why a Credit Bureau freeĀ loan is sought. The advantage of the non-Credit Bureau credit is not only that the Credit Bureau is not queried, the credit does not appear in the Credit Bureau.

If the official now plans a major financial project and wants to maintain his good credit rating, he chooses a civil servant loan with negative Credit Bureau, and the bank does not learn anything about the credit.

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau – how can a negative entry arise

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau - how can a negative entry arise

For civil servants with the state as employer, a loan request is not a big deal. The civil servant status grants a loan almost by itself. The income arrives punctually every month and the state pays. In addition, the job of the official is safe and guarantees a secure income for a lifetime. Even beyond working life, the positive status remains. But even an official can get into a credit crunch.

Often it is a forgotten bill, a reminder that was not considered. Customers of many mail order companies are literally thrown with offers, with long payment pauses and very convenient loan offers. But if you fall behind with the rates, you quickly get an entry in the Credit Bureau.

No consideration is given to the civil servant status. The entry then remains visible in the Credit Bureau for three years, which makes a civil service loan with negative Credit Bureau extremely difficult.

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau – the loan search

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau - the loan search

With a negative entry, officials often do not receive regular credit. Here then offer so-called credit agencies. However, it should be noted that a reputable credit intermediary is commissioned. In no case should pre-paid costs be paid. Also, insurance contracts, such as Bauspar contracts, are not serious business practices.

In general, credit agencies receive a commission on successful loan search and successful completion of a loan, which usually pays the lender. The commission is then calculated into the credit costs, the customer does not need to make an extra payment. An intermediary will first try to find a loan from a German bank through their diverse contacts.

Due to the civil servant status and if it is a slight negative entry, it is quite possible to find a regular lender. If this does not happen, a foreign bank is an option.

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau – the credit from abroad

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau - the credit from abroad

The bank is headquartered in Liechtenstein and has preferred customers employees and civil servants. People who have a secure and stable job from which the adequate income comes. In a nutshell, the bank prefers clients who can afford a loan. Those who are unemployed or receive social benefits, but also the self-employed, will not receive this loan.

In addition to the secure employment relationship, the bank also requires an income that not every person seeking a loan can pay. So there are officials who are not employed in the higher service but are in the lower official ratio.

Think of the postman here. These people have a rather low income. To get a 3500 dollars loan, a single person net has to earn 1150 dollars. If only one person lives in the household, it is already 1600 dollars net.

At the maximum loan amount of 7500 dollars, the minimum income for a single person is 1800 dollars net. Just because the income is set high, the 3500 USD loan, so the smallest, the most approved loan is Credit Bureaufrei.

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau – the credit procedure

The official loan with negative Credit Bureau - the credit procedure

If the official has found a credit intermediary of his choice, he can apply for a loan. The mediation will take the preliminary examination. This means, based on the data entered in the form provided, the mediation will issue a preliminary loan commitment.

Thereafter, customers will be asked to submit the credit records. These are salary slips of the last three months and bank statements from the same period. Often, a small household bill is also often seen. The documents should be carefully compiled because additional claims delay the credit process. With these documents, the official goes to the post office and carries out the Postident procedure there. This is nothing but an identity check of his person.

Once the bank receives the documents, these will be reviewed and, if necessary, the final loan decision will be taken. The whole process lasts, if there are no additional claims, about 7-8 working days until the money is in the account.


Even officials with a good reputation can come into the situation of a negative Credit Bureau. Since a forgotten bill from the mail order company is enough. Some banks, because of their special civil servant status, turn a blind eye to a loan, but often demand collateral.

Officials should know that the limited loan amount of 7500 dollars can often be increased. But that would have to know the credit brokerage. If the Credit Bureau entry carries the completion note, there should also be no problems with a Civil Service loan with negative Credit Bureau.

Because a negative Credit Bureau entry does not always have to mean the complete financial end, for example, for a credit card termination or a loan repatriation.

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